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Backyardigans Books

This booklist was contributed by Appleton Public Library Children's Services Staff, 6/09 

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Board Books

book jacketTime for a Snack by Maggie Testa(2009)It's the Famous Food Fair, and everyone's competing for best snack. Who will win?

book jacketSuper Senses Save the Day by Irene Kilpatrick(2009)The World's Best Muffin has been stolen! It's up to the Super Senses superheroes to follow the crumbs and track it down in this tasty adventure.

book jacketOpposites Race by Irene Kilpatrick(2008)

book jacketThe Shaped Jewel Hunt by Irene Kilpatrick(2008)See how things shape up during this mystery on the Misty Moors!

book jacketThe Backyardigans: A is for Adventure by Irene Kilpatrick(2007)

book jacketDeep Sea Countdown by Justin Spelvin(2006)As the Backyardigans discover a treasure under the sea, young readers are encouraged to count various items.

book jacketJungle Colors by Nancy Parent(2006)

Picture Books

book jacketTo the Center of the Earth by Catherine Lukas(2009)Tyrone can't find his lucky penny anywhere. Luckily, professors Pablo and Uniqua are here to help!

book jacketThe Mighty Egg Sitters by Alison Inches(2008)King Pablo instructs his knights to guard the royal egg, a task that seems easy--until the egg rolls out of the castle!

book jacketBackyardigans and the Beanstalk by Catherine Lukas(2008)The Backyardigans are so good at gardening they grow a giant beanstalk. At the top of the beanstalk they find a grumpy giant who is tired of eating mush all the time.

book jacketLegend Hunters by Christine Ricci(2007)The Backyardigans search for an undersea monster.

book jacketThe Backyardigans: the Essential Guide by Brian Bromberg(2007)A guide to the popular Backyardigans and the many places that their imaginations can take them.

book jacketThe Mystery of the Jeweled Eggs by Lara Bergen(2007)Lady Tasha plans to display her jeweled eggs at a garden party, but when the eggs disappear, Detective Pablo must solve the case.

book jacketAgent Secret by J.C. Schwanda(2007)Agent Secret's assignment is to retrieve three secret containers, but the evil Lady in Pink and her henchman, Tyrone, intend to grab the containers first.

book jacketHide and Go Boo by Phoebe Beinstein(2006)Pablo, Tyrone, and Uniqua are ghosts, and they've found the perfect old house to haunt.

book jacketSay "Please": a Book About Manners by Catherine Lukas(2006)

book jacketMission to Mars by Wendy Wax(2006)The Backyardigans are on a Mars!

book jacketRace to the Tower of Power by Catherine Lukas(2006)Supervillains Pablo and Tyrone plan to use their powers to take over the world!

book jacketThe Polka Palace Party by Erica David(2006)Cowboys Tyrone, Pablo, Austin, and Cowgirl Uniqua are on their way to a polka palace party in Wyoming when they run into trouble and lose their instruments.

book jacketThe Secrets of Snow by Alison Inches(2006)

book jacketSecret Agents by Wendy Wax(2006)The Backyardigans imagine that they are secret agents who get into sticky situations when they sneak into the Treasure Museum.

book jacketPirate Treasure by Justin Spelvin(2006)The Backyardigans set off on a pirate adventure!

Easy Readers

book jacketFront Page News by Jodie Shepherd(2010)

book jacketRobot Rampage by Jodie Shepherd(2009)

book jacketThe Trash Planet by Emily Sollinger(2009)

book jacketNo Pests Allowed! by Jodie Shepherd(2009)

book jacketFollow that Egg by Catherine Lukas(2008)Knights Uniqua and Tyrone find safe-guarding an egg a lot harder than they thought.

book jacketJourney Around the World by Sarah Albee(2008)The brave explorers know the world is round...but can they convince Queen Tasha?

book jacketThree Wishes by Catherine Lukas(2007)The Backyardigans imagine that they are castaways on an island who are granted three wishes by Genie Uniqua.

book jacketTrouble on the Train by Catherine Lukas(2007)The Backyardigans play cowboys who save a train from bandits.

book jacketSuper Spies by Alison Inches(2007)

book jacketCastaways by Alison Inches(2006)Join Uniqua, Tyrone, and Pablo on an island adventure!

book jacketRescue Patrol by Catherine Lukas(2006)Join Mounties Tyrone and Pablo and ski patrollers Uniqua and Tasha for a busy day on the mountain.

book jacketSurf that Wave by Christine Ricci(2006)This exciting story follows Pablo as he surfs the big waves.

book jacketRiding the Range by Justin Spelvin(2006)

book jacketA Royal Valentine by Wendy Wax(2006)

Backyardigans Books

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