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Five Senses

This booklist was contributed by Appleton Public Library Children's Services Staff, 9/08 


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book jacketArthur's Eyes by Marc Tolon Brown(1979)His friends tease Arthur when he gets glasses, but he soon learns to wear them with pride.

book jacketBaby Duck and the Bad Eyeglasses by Amy Hest(1996)Baby Duck is unhappy about the new eyeglasses she has to wear, until Grampa helps her realize that they are not so bad after all.

book jacketBrewster the Rooster by Devin Scillian(2007)When Brewster, a prize-winning rooster, suddenly begins crowing at the most unexpected times, the family tries to figure out what is causing his problem.

book jacketDogs Don't Wear Glasses by Adrienne Geoghegan(1996)When Nanny Needles mistakenly believes that her dog Seymour has vision problems, she takes him to the eye doctor to be fitted for glasses.

book jacketThe Eye Book by Theo LeSieg(1999)A boy and rabbit both have two eyes that see all kinds of things, from blue and red to a bird and a bed.

book jacketEyes by Simona Sideri(2005)Young children describe the eyes of different animals.

book jacketGlasses for D.W. by Marc Tolon Brown(1996)Arthur's little sister wants to wear glasses like her brother and tries to prove she needs them.

book jacketHow Animals See Things by Allan Fowler(1996)Briefly explains how different animals see.

book jacketHow Do Animals Use Their Eyes by Lynn Stone(2008)

book jacketI Need Glasses by Charlie Thomas(2005)A little girl who cannot find her glasses searches frantically for them so that she can read a story to her little brother.

book jacketI See by Helen Oxenbury(1995)

Let's Talk About Needing Glasses by Diane Shaughnessy(1997)Discusses some reasons why people need to wear glasses, the steps in getting glasses, the teasing one sometimes receives with a change in looks, and the possibility that glasses occasionally break.

book jacketLook! a Book About Sight by Dana Meachen Rau(2005)

book jacketMagenta Gets Glasses by Deborah Reber(2002)Perfect for youngsters who are getting their first pair of glasses, a wonderful tale follows Magenta, who can't see anything without squinting, as she goes to the eye doctor and learns that she can see the world much better with glasses--without looking silly in them!

book jacketOpen Your Eyes: Discover Your Sense of Sight by Vicki Cobb(2002)

book jacketRobin's New Glasses by Christianne C. Jones(2006)Robin worries about how her life will change when she gets her first pair of glasses.

book jacketSeeing by Mary Mackill(2006)What are my senses? -- What do I use to see? -- How do I see? -- What can I see? -- How does seeing help me? -- What can help me see better? -- How can I take care of my eyes? -- Animals can see, too! -- Test your sense of sight -- Seeing is super! -- Glossary -- Index.

book jacketSight by Sue Hurwitz(1997)Carlos -- What is sight? -- How do you see? -- Your eyes -- Parts of your eyes -- Your lens and your retina -- Sight and your retina -- Sight and your brain -- Eyeglasses -- Having healthy eyes.

book jacketTaking Care of My Eyes by Terri DeGezelle(2006)My amazing eyes -- Checking my eyes -- Healthy eyes -- Glossary -- Read more -- Internet sites -- Index.

book jacketWhose Eyes Are These by Peg Hall(2003)Examines a variety of animal eyes, noting how they look different and function in different ways.

Five Senses

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