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Five Senses

This booklist was contributed by Appleton Public Library Children's Services Staff, 9/08 


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book jacketBenny by Sieb Posthuma(2003)Benny loses his bone and his sense of smell. A visit to Dr. Duncan and his Sniff Machine and a couple of days of rest cure him.

book jacketFollow Your Nose: Discover Your Sense of Smell by Vicki Cobb(2000)Examines the sense of smell, how the nose detects different odors, and how we react to different smells. Includes simple experiments to test the sense of smell.

Nose=Nariz by Cynthia Fitterer Klingel(2002)A bilingual introduction to the nose, what it is used for, and how to take care of it.

book jacketSmell by Kay Woodward(2005)

Smell by Sue Hurwitz(1997)Explains the sense of smell, including how the nose works.

Smelling by Sharon Gordon(2001)

Smelling by Helen Frost(2000)Simple text and photographs present the sense of smell and how it works.

book jacketSmelling by Mary Mackill(2006)What are my senses? -- What do I use to smell? -- How does my sense of smell work? -- What can I smell? -- How does my sense of smell help me? -- How can I smell things better? -- How can I take care of my sense of smell? -- Animals have a sense of smell, too! -- Test your sense of smell -- Smelling is super! -- Glossary -- Index.

book jacketSniff, Sniff: a Book About Smell by Dana Meachen Rau(2005)

book jacketWhat's That Awful Smell by Heather Tekavec(2004)While investigating an odor in their barn, a group of animals discovers a little piglet and engages in a variety of antics to get rid of the awful smell.

You Need Your Nose by Kevin Sarkisian(2002)

Five Senses

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