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Five Senses

This booklist was contributed by Appleton Public Library Children's Services Staff, 9/08 


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Braincandy: my Five Senses(2004)Features funny puppets representing the 5 sense parts and "real" kids engaged in captivating, sensory activities and innovative animations of how the senses work.

Hi-5 Vol. 6: Summer Rainbows(2008)Make roaring sounds with Curtis using cardboard cylinders. Help Kimee make a moving machine for her dolls. Be a doctor with Jenn and listen to Chat's heartbeat. Songs of the week include Living in a Rainbow; Five Senses; and Feel the Beat.

It's a Big, Big World: You Can Do It(2007)The five senses -- Spinning a tale -- Learning to fly -- Echoes -- In good voice.

Lyric Language: Spanish(2003)I have five senses

Sesame Beginnings: Exploring Together(2006)Witness segments in which Cookie Monster, his Grammy, Prairie Dawn, and Big Bird learn about touching, tasting, feeling, smelling, and seeing the world around them.

The Wiggles: Getting Strong(2007)The five senses

Five Senses

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